Product Manager FAQs

Feature Selection & Roadmapping Research

The Job You “Hire” Our Software For: crowdsourcing product guidance from potential customers. 

Product Managers use us because they are too busy to do market research for roadmapping; or because they want facts to back up feature selection choices; or to keep management from adding on unnecessary work. 


What types of products aren't a good fit?

If you sell to the government, this isn’t a good fit.

If your target audience is super small and there are only a few buyers in the market, this isn’t a good fit.

If your target audience is children and you’re trying to exclude parents, this isn’t a good fit.

If you build custom features for each customer and each customer gets something different, this isn’t a good fit.

Just about everybody else we can help out though, so long as a large enough portion of their audience has an Internet connection and some form of online activity.

Okay, so what happens when I sign up?

First, you fill out a questionnaire.

Next, we manually review your responses. When everything looks good, we create a product appraisal link for you.

We share that link with our community interested in your particular industry. You will also share the link with those who you think would be potential customers as well. 

Then, we crunch the numbers and you receive a detailed report. The report is filled with product guidance tailored specifically to you.

What information comes in the report?

A list of interested buyers, price recommendations, competitor analysis, product name ranking and product name memorability, what feature will most influence buyers, which things to stay away from, and more.

You will also receive personalized feedback from your potential customers.

Your product will also receive a grade tied to how good your product is likely to do if it launched now.

How can I be sure that my product will succeed?

You can’t. Even if you get a ton of feedback, nothing is 100% certain. 

What we are doing is increasing your odds of success. We are cutting out bad ideas sooner. We are also refining good ideas and bringing those good ideas to market more quickly.

Don’t be discouraged if your product isn’t up to par after running a single test. After all, wouldn’t it be more discouraging to have your product struggle after spending a ton of time and money on it?

How is your software different than me talking to my potential customers?

You should absolutely be talking to your potential customers. Including them is essential as well.

The McSmartyPants software and community is pulling from the experiences and data of many successful (and unsuccessful) products launches. Take advantage of outside experience that’s affordable and easy to use. The indirect costs in lost time and money are many multiples higher than the cost of running a single test. It’ll save you in the long run, that much is for sure.

How many people need to evaluate my product?

Although we typically bring 100+ potential buyers to the table for you, we generally recommend 25+ people come from you too.

For sole proprietors on a shoestring budget, hustle and just talk to people until you get this number.

For those with higher budgets and/or an existing customer base, you should aim for more. It is easier and less expensive to get potential customers to evaluate your product than it is to get potential customers to buy your product. You’ll eventually have to spend a lot marketing your product. It makes more sense to do it now because our application captures interested buyers and will reduce future marketing friction.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It would not be unreasonable to aim for 1,000+ evaluations if you have the resources to do so.


Is there a limit to how many people I can send to evaluate my product?

Nope! In fact, the more the better.

You will be notified when we are preparing the final report, because after that point user responses may not be factored in.

Your website and marketing is a little silly. Will I have to be like that?

Nope. Marketing and branding communication is something separate.

We just find it more fun to be helpful and entertaining at the same time.

You do you.

I don't have a technical background. Is that okay?

Yep. Our software is easily used by people without deep technical resources.

What information do I need to get started?

Click here to check out our Starting Materials PDF. If you download it, it becomes a fillable form that you can save. This PDF covers every step and has a planner for you to organize everything. It also includes a glossary and deep explanation for each part, if needed.

You can also set up a Zoom meeting or phone call with us to assist. Email us at [email protected]

Most products fail, even when done by established companies.

Oftentimes this is due to not enough time or resources.

Let us dig up the results for you, while you keep working on your regular day-to-day stuff.

Get A Full & Understandable Report

…without needing to be a techie yourself. We use a variety of statistical models and utilize complicated things like conjoint analysis and machine learning to give you the best chance at success. But, the numbers get translated to understandable insights to implement.

Internal & External Product Validation

To maximize your product’s likelihood of success, we provide 250 potential customers to evaluate key product points. You will also be provided a link to share with current customers or to others you believe to be in your target market.

Collect Actionable Data

Know if your product will soar or hit the floor. Learn everything from analysis of the competition to ideal price points to which features or problems most connect with your future customer base.

This Really Is Super Affordable

Even for the PMs using us without getting corporate to cough up the dough

The Best Product Testing Solution

Focus on the right things upfront to save you and your team a lot of time and headaches in the long run. Avoid unnecessary friction.

Clear Feedback

Is your product going to succeed or struggle? What can you focus on to improve?

Data Analytics

Find hidden insights when we run everything through a comprehensive machine learning algorithm.


We connect you with a sizable amount of potential target customers all willing to give you valuable feedback.

Feature Selection

Which feature should you focus on? Then, what ways should you best approach that?

Competitive Analysis

How would this new product stack up against the competition? What do your customers think of them now?


Product Name Testing

Do more than just rank order your product names. Test which product names actually get remembered.

Price Testing

How sensitive are your customers to pricing? Which price will boost business the most?


Qualitative Feedback

Uncover hidden gems. Customers also come up with their own ideas that would make them more likely to buy.

Build A Buyers List

Get the contact info from those that are serious about buying your product when it launches.

Ready To Get Started?