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What a Product Guy From Finance, Education, and Tech Can Teach You

…leaders grapple with how building working software is a fundamentally
different than just about anything else we can relate it to. People will often…

Key Takeaways from Advising 18,000 Businesses

Dr. Brian Smith, author, founder, and business advisor to 18,000 and countingOrganization: IA Business Advisors Title: Founder and Partner Bio: Dr. Brian Smith has a PhD in organizational psychology; two master's degrees: one in management information systems and the...

A business founder, VC fund founder, and coach’s quick Q&A

“I started (or bought), built and sold two companies. I managed four venture capital firms (founded two of them) with combined capital under management exceeding $500 million. I successfully managed…”

Former Samsung & Current Healthcare Product Manager Tips

“The harder part was empathizing. This is a skill that you gain over a period of time but you can obviously expedite it.
You can expedite it by listening to…”

Brand & Trust

“There is very little standardization in my field, and I had to figure it out as I went along. I started out charging WAY too little for my services. My advice for freelancers is this…”

The Life Wisdom of a Successful Recruitment Business Founder

“…many of us use psychological tools to assess the individual and his or her potential “fit” with the client organization. This may include IQ, EQ, street smarts, and…”

A Stoic’s Journey Starting Businesses and Nonprofits

“As a natural Stoic with some additional help from Ryan Holiday, my process for bringing innovation to mass adoption is to iterate and adapt, pushing forward and going around obstacles along the way…”

The Interesting Journey & Findings of a Top Product Manager

“You simply cannot expect to achieve anything if you can’t build relationships with the give and take of helping each other to unlock value. Without this skill, you can have lots of great ideas, but you will go nowhere as there’s no one to help you realize…”


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The 4 Innovation Quadrants For Product Development

When considering what products to develop next, it’s easiest to visualize things if you consider 4 different quadrants that are based upon…

Great Businesses Are Built On Friction. Here Are Two Things To Look For.

Friction is a sign that consumers have pain or annoyance. Great businesses are built upon finding these pain points and building something to solve it. A great product or service will tremendously reduce friction in its users' lives. But, how can you try and measure...

The 4 Scenarios to Consider for Business Growth

If you've got a business and you're wanting growth, there are 4 main scenarios to consider. These can be visualized as 4 quadrants. These quadrants are created by asking yourself just two questions: Are you going after a new customer base or your current customer...

Want a side hustle to make money? You better not ignore these 3 things.

Don't look to industries to build your next product or business. Too many people that want a side hustle to make money or business to make money look at generic opportunities.. That's a huge mistake. Some of this might be controversial, but read it all the way through...

Demographics are objectively horrendous ways to target people

What's common knowledge that is mostly wrong? That most demographics are good predictors of anything. And, to top it off, when you stack poor predictors, the predictability goes down and not up. So, what should you do instead? Well, ultimately what a business is...

Gartner’s 5 Step Process for New Product Development

84% of executives say that innovation is important to their growth strategy. But, few companies have a tried and true process for new product development. Having a process for that is important, but according to Gartner you need more than just that. Businesses require...

Partner your way to innovative success

If you're a business owner or product manager, have you ever considered building something with someone else? (and, no, I don't mean utilizing McSmartyPants Software, that's something different) I mean utilizing strategic partnerships. You can do this one of two ways:...

What makes ads effective is what nobody focuses on

The way marketers are freaking out over privacy and loss of tracking, you'd think those were huge components to advertising success. But, based on virtually every study out there... targeting is a ridiculously small component to ad effectiveness. Here are some numbers...

How to spot trends to improve your product development process

If you're looking to innovate in your business, Gartner recommends trendspotting. They offer their "tapestry" model for different things to consider: 1) Technological: what future or emerging tech trends could impact your industry? 2) Political: what are the shifting...

Crazy Good Product Portfolio Management

Knowing where your product idea will fall in these 4 quadrants is useful to think about, especially for product portfolio management

What’s the Lean Startup Process and Where Do People Fail?

There are 7 steps to the lean startup process and even enterprise executives need to learn this so that they do not get disrupted: 1) Start with a…

Free Website Directories for Companies Without a Physical Location

Most free website directories are for businesses with a physical location and/or physical product. But, those businesses are diminishing. Here’s where you…

Asynchronous Video a-sinking Zoom Calls?

Asynchronous video is making a serious push and it’s not tough to see why. One big announcement though is that…

Flipping Meal Delivery Services on Their Heads

ChefKart could potentially flip the waffling meal delivery service industry. It does something completely different by taking an…

Targetting the Hidden Audiences in Fintech

Finding hidden audiences can often be where the gold is. These hidden audiences may not be profitable for current products, but what if changes were made?

Are you living on the edge with edge computing?

Edge computing came from cloud services. But, there’s a misunderstanding of what cloud computing really is or how it works. To understand…

“Trusted AI at Scale” Event

The “Trusted AI at Scale” even is hosted by the Air Force Research Laboratory and Innovare Advancement Center and is set to give away $19 million on…

Turning YouTube Into QVC

YouTube has been trying to find ways to help creators make money and it is launching YouTube Livestream Shopping as a way to do so…

Certainly Minimize Uncontrollable Uncertainty

Manage uncontrollable uncertainty by first figuring out what is or isn’t controllable. Look at the various risk factors and then…

Brazilians Making Bazillions

VTEX, the Brazilian commerce firm (based in the Cayman Islands) certainly made a splash on the New York Stock Exchange. It went from a $1.7 billion valuation 8 months ago to…

“Just Add AI” Might Be The Best Advice Ever

Peter Diamandis recently wrote that AI is the new electricity. The context is that when electricity and motors first came out, you could add it to…

Are Quantum Speeds Already Here?

“It ain’t rocket science.”

Do you know why we even have that saying? Because rocket science is ridiculous. NASA may have found a partner that can change that

Native Voice Got a Seed Round for What?

Have you heard somewhere that “voice is the future of business”? Well, what does that even mean? Native Voice just got funded to create…

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