businesses for salespeople

You could have a profitable side business up in one month if you took the right steps. 

The Job You “Hire” Us For:

To evaluate your personal capabilities and find the business most likely to make YOU money.

Don’t Start With a Hunch

Start with what you’re skilled at and what energizes you.

Then, use that to find a target audience you can best serve.

Next, find out what pains they have that are deep, frequent enough to build a growing business around and aren’t being fully satisfied by competitors.

THEN, start your business. With McSmartyPants as your partner, we do this together.

Start With a Proven Plan

Sales skills, motivation, and persistence is what you need to bring to the table. We’ll point you in the most profitable direction and take all of the hard work, guess work, and frustration out.


What businesses wouldn't be a fit?

This is geared toward businesses that will sell to adult consumers.

If you’re hoping to start an entertainment or creativity-based company, those aren’t a good fit either because it doesn’t translate to a survey well.

We will both know on the first free call if this is a good fit for you or not.


Okay, so what happens when I sign up?

Before you sign up, we jump on a free call together. This is to determine what your particular skills and goals are and translating that into building a successful business.

After that, you can choose to “sign up” for a package with me. Both packages require putting information together for an interactive survey. This will help make sure you start a business in an area where customers are hungry to give you money. 


What information comes in the report?

It covers everything from which business to build, which aspects of that business customers are willing to pay the most for, price recommendations, competitor analysis, name ranking and name memorability, what options will most influence buyers, which things to stay away from, and more. 

How can I be sure that my business will succeed?

You can’t. Even if you get a ton of feedback, nothing is 100% certain. We will take steps to minimize that risk as much as possible.

What we are doing is increasing your odds of success. We are cutting out bad ideas sooner. We are also refining good ideas and bringing those good ideas to market more quickly.

How is this different than doing it on my own?

Welp, there’s a reason something like 90% of all businesses fail right away. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid that 90%?

You don’t know what you don’t know.

We know the right questions to ask the right people to give you the best insights.

How do the customer evaluations work?

Our first call determines what info goes into the customer survey.

We recommend that you get 10 of your own surveys completed first, to make sure you like the feedback you’re getting. You don’t want to spend your money only to find out nobody likes any of your business ideas, after all!

Then, when you are ready, we get 100 of our own survey takers from your target audience.

Is there a limit to how many customers I can have evaluate the business ideas?

Nope! You can send an unlimited amount of your own survey takers.

Your website and marketing is a little silly. Will I have to be like that?

Nope. You do you.

I don't have a technical background. Is that okay?

Yep. That’s fine. Your business will be based around your strengths and we’ll fill in the weaknesses and holes in other ways. And, it’s not necessary to be technical for the customer evaluations.

What information do I need to get started?

For our first call, you just need to come ready to be open and honest about discussing your life, your experience, and your dreams. You will receive all of the information necessary when you book that call and after we finish it up.

Want a Quick Start?

Instead of worrying about all of the little details like your website, setting up bank accounts, and the million other things needed, wouldn’t it be nice to have that taken care of?

Get our business accelerator and we’ll save you weeks in that department!

What Can I Expect From the Customer Surveys?

Here’s a more thorough list of the main benefits:


Target Analysis

Make sure you start your business where you’re most likely to succeed.

Data Analytics

Find hidden insights and dangers through the target audience evaluation.


You can keep your day job and we’ll create a flexible business together.

Feature Selection

Which business will make the most? What features do people want most?

Competitive Analysis

How would this new business be affected by competition? 


Name Testing

Test which names actually get remembered AND which are popular.

Price Testing

What creative pricing strategies might work and how sensitive are they?


Business Roadmap

Get your insights and action list in an easy to understand report.

Buyer Info

Get background details from evaluators so you know who to target.

Have You Heard Enough?